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I am passionate about helping to equip Naturopathic Doctors with the best evidence-based information and tools to support their patients through fertility and pregnancy.

I believe that NDs, with our broad scope of practice and extensive training in both conventional and integrative treatments, are uniquely positioned to provide holistic, effective reproductive care.

Do you find it time consuming and challenging to find trusted, evidence-based information to help your patients make informed decisions to support their fertility?

Imagine you had access to the best evidence-based information, and a step-by-step plan, to help your patients identify causes of infertility and provide a wide range of holistic treatments for both male and female partners to improve rates of healthy conception.

I am beyond excited to be able to share Integrative Fertility Care for NDs: My Healthy Pregnancy Plan with you, and to be able to work together to help women and couples move forwards with their fertility goals

  • My experiences as a mom motivate me to make sure that every person who wants to get pregnant has access to the best, evidence-based information they need to make informed choices in their fertility journey.
  • My training in naturopathic medicine, including eight years of post-secondary education, allows me to understand complex fertility challenges, and to support both partners in increasing their chances of a successful conception.
  • As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with full prescribing rights, I am able to share my expertise on the best of both worlds – treating naturally with nutrition, herbs and acupuncture, or using prescriptions when needed.
  • My extensive and unique clinical experience providing primary care for fertility and pregnancy in Canada’s North grounds me with an awe of the human body, and the miraculousness of creating a new human life.


Integrative Fertility Care for NDs: My Healthy Pregnancy Plan (MHPP) uses evidence-based medicine to help you identify causes of infertility and provide a wide range of holistic treatments for both male and female partners to improve rates of healthy conception.

I have combed through thousands of the most current medical studies to highlight the safest and most effective treatments and daily choices that your patients can make at every step in their fertility journey. Integrative Fertility Care for NDs: My Healthy Pregnancy Plan will help you walk your patients through exactly how to promote their fertility and work towards the healthiest pregnancy possible.

  • Lifetime access to all digital and downloadable content (that’s right, you can access all of the information at your convenience, and review it as needed) – content available in video+slides (MP4), audio (MP3) and slides (PDF)
  • Literally step-by-step. Nothing is left out and everything is backed-up by solid research.
  • Instant access to all modules, downloadable resources and patient handouts

what’s in it for you?

Continuing Education Credits

My Healthy Pregnancy Plan has been approved for 6.0 CE Credits, including 2.0 Pharmacology Credits. With the AANP, this includes 4.0 hours General and 2.0 Pharmacology. With CONO this includes 4.0 hours Category A and 2.0 Pharmacology. With CNPBC this includes 4.0 Category C and 2.0 Category F/Pharmacology.

10 Video Modules

In signing up for the program, you will have access to 10 online modules (recorded video), with a total of 215 academic references, outlining the fundamental components of an integrative fertility practice. These modules are evidence-based, providing diagnostic criteria, comparisons of conventional and integrative treatment options for both natural conception and adjunctive care with ART. Treatment options include prescription medications, acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and supplementation, and lifestyle changes. Safety ratings and dosing guidelines are included.

Modules include:

  • Fertility Overview: A big picture look at fertility, including rates and causes of infertility, types of infertility, and an overview of natural conception and assisted reproductive technology.
  • Preconception Priorities: The importance of preconception care, the role of detoxification, the impact of drugs and alcohol on fertility, and safety issues when selecting medication and herbal options during preconception.
  • Fertility Labs: The importance of fertility lab work in identifying roadblocks and determining next steps: what routine and fertility-specific blood work to request/perform, and how to interpret it – as well as additional fertility testing options to make informed choices moving forward.
  • Tracking The Cycle: An overview of the menstrual cycle and tracking to optimize chances of conception: the limitations of cycle apps, a summary of the Fertility Awareness Method and other tracking mechanisms, and how to plan for conception and take action when faced with atypical cycle charts.
  • Ovulation and Cycle Regulation: How to promote healthy ovulation: a dive into complications like PCOS-related anovulation; how to address luteal phase defect; how to improve insufficient cervical mucous; and the role of acupuncture and manual therapies in optimizing ovulation.
  • Improving Egg Quality: Understanding ovarian reserve and egg quality, and how acupuncture, prescription options, nutrient supports, dietary interventions and stress management can play a role in improving egg quality.
  • Male Fertility: Causes and solutions to male infertility: an overview of how sperm are produced; the effects of toxins on sperm health; further analysis of priority lab work; and how herbal and nutrients supports, acupuncture and prescription options can be used to support male fertility.
  • Fertility Nutrition: A comprehensive module covering the role of nutrition in fertility: optimal healthy weight; principles of whole food, plant-based and anti-oxidant-rich diets; low-glycemic, ketogenic and intermittent-fasting options and benefits; the role of proteins and healthy fats; the importance of a healthy microbiome; foods to avoid; the importance of hydration; and the role of prenatal vitamins.
  • Stress and Fertility: Understanding the adrenal stress response: how stress affects fertility; stress management options; adrenal supports and adaptogens; and strategies to address infertility-related stress in relationships.
  • Maintaining Pregnancy: The final module focuses on optimizing chances for a full, healthy pregnancy: why miscarriage happens; prescription and herbal drug safety in pregnancy; the role of thyroid and progesterone in pregnancy maintenance; when to be concerned with first trimester bleeding; and options for treatment and prevention of miscarriage.
Practitioner Handouts to aid in patient care

In addition to downloadable audio/video for the modules, the course includes:

  • Checklists for priority items from each module
  • Handouts for nutrition, including low-glycemic diets
  • Pregnancy Herbal and Prescription Safety summary
  • Full 200-page course slidedeck, including all academic references

“This was a very empowering and truly life changing experience. When I first started, I was dealing with the grief and anxiety of two lost pregnancies after having two healthy pregnancies. Dr Jocelyn’s resources helped me through a very challenging time in my family’s story and I had a feeling of optimism. This was something I’m not sure I would have mentally and emotionally been able to pursue otherwise. I feel so much gratitude that my husband and I could complete our family with the birth of our third child. I wish every family experiencing fertility issues had access to an ND with the same knowledge on fertility treatments. I can’t thank you enough for developing a program like this.”

McLoughlin Family

wait… that’s not all?

Yes – there’s more!

Research updates

When you sign up for the course, you are able to join the newsletter, which will keep you up to date with any updates to the program, including new research or recommendations.

Certification and Practitioner Listing

Once you have completed the course, you are eligible to write the exam. Successfully passing the exam will result in:

  • CE Certificate issued for CE credit with your provincial/state regulatory body
  • Practitioner Listing inside of the program portal, where women/couples who find My Healthy Pregnancy Plan online can look up local practitioners to help them implement their treatment plans and provide hands-on treatments.


Busy Doctors

If you have a busy practice and are looking for efficient ways to answer your fertility patients' questions, this program will allow you to easily provide evidence-based information, diagnostics and treatment options to your patients.

New Doctors

If you are new to practice, or new to naturopathic fertility care, this program will walk you through offering a comprehensive fertility program in office, and give you the confidence to provide safe and effective treatments to your patients.

the bottom line

If you are looking to provide comprehensive, evidence-based fertility care, and to help your patients identify causes of infertility and provide a wide range of holistic treatments for both male and female partners to improve rates of healthy conception, then My Healthy Pregnancy Plan is for you!

faqs for you!

What is your training and experience in fertility care?

I chose years ago to focus exclusively on treating fertility, pregnancy, birth and post-partum recovery. I have put together a program that integrates the best of my academic training, hundreds of hours of research, and my extensive and unique clinical experience providing primary care for fertility and pregnancy in Canada’s North.

In addition to my eight years of post-secondary education (including four years at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine where I earned my Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine), my advanced obstetrical training includes full prescribing rights, naturopathic doula certification and coursework towards specialty certificates in obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics. Some of the extra coursework/training I have completed includes:

  • Prescribing Upgrade (conferring full prescribing rights)
  • Herbal Medicine for Women (2-year course with Dr Aviva Romm MD)
  • Naturopathic Doula Course (with Dr. Kirsten Almon ND & Dr. Shannon Kaupp ND)
  • Botanical Medicine and Pediatrics (with Dr Mary Bove, ND RM)
  • Botanical Medicine and Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum (with Dr Mary Bove, ND RM)
  • Well-Baby Well-Child (with Dr. Cathy Cathy Carlson-Rink ND RM & Dr. Liane Erickson ND)
  • Advanced Obstetrics (with Dr. Cathy Carlson-Rink ND RM, Dr. Molly Niedermeyer ND & Dr. Loren Ricco ND)
  • Advanced Pediatric Therapeutics (with Dr Tamara Cullen, ND)
  • Homeopathy and Pediatrics (with Dr Lianne South, ND)
  • Spinal Manipulations in Pregnancy (with Dr Nikita Vizniak, DC)
  • Naturopathic Cardiac Life Support (with Ohm Medical / Heart and Stroke Foundation)
  • IV Nutritional Therapy for Physicians (with International IV Nutritional Therapy for Professionals)

You can read my full bio here.

Will there be a certificate provided?

After completing the course and passing the online exam, you will be provided with a certificate of completion that you can use for submitting CE credits and for promoting fertility care in your practice.

After receiving your certificate, you will also be listed on the website as a My Healthy Pregnancy Plan practitioner so that women/couples in your area can find you online when they are looking for hands-on treatments and individualized treatment plans.

Will you be available to answer questions?

I am happy to answer general questions on the Naturopathic Physicians Facebook page or the Naturopathic Doctor Sanctuary Facebook page, especially from course registrants (simply tag JocelynLM to get my attention).

For more difficult cases, I am also available for second-opinion consults with you to review labs/history and discuss treatments options. This is a fee-for-service option and is only available to NDs who have already taken the course.

I also provide regular research updates to course registrants via the newsletter. If a question comes up frequently or is pertinent, I will write a post specifically about that issue.

I have a question about the CE course before I am ready to purchase - who can I ask?

You can send an email directly to Dr Jocelyn at with your questions. Don’t let an unanswered question hold you back from taking advantage of this amazing program!

How do I get started? 

How much is Integrative Fertility Care for NDs: My Healthy Pregnancy Plan?

The entire Integrative Fertility Care for NDs CE program is only $349 CAD. All prices are in Canadian dollars and all taxes are included.

After you enter your payment information, you will receive your individual login information to the members-only area of the website. Here you will have instant, lifetime access to all of the modules and downloads (including resources and handouts).  Everything you need will be at your fingertips!

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what do other people have to say?

love from happy PARENTS

When I look back over the last few years and the journey our family has been on, it’s hard to put into words what we’ve been through and the support that I have received from accessing Dr Jocelyn Land-Murphy’s resources. Exceptional! We were over two years of trying to conceive and then when we did we experienced recurrent miscarriages. It was devastating. Unfortunately we didn’t have any success or answers through a maternity GP and gynaecologist. With Dr Land-Murphy’s resources, thyroid and progesterone issues were identified, and within 3 months I conceived naturally and gave birth to my first of two healthy boys. I honestly don’t think I’d have my two boys today if it wasn’t for this. 


We felt very fortunate to have access to Dr. Jocelyn’s resources to support us on our journey to a healthy natural pregnancy at 42 years old after four years of trying unsuccessfully, including IVF. Dr Jocelyn’s resources provided a holistic medical approach working to improve egg quality, hormone balancing with acupuncture and progesterone support for pregnancy maintenance. Couldn’t have done it without this and I highly recommend it to my friends and colleagues who are looking for a more integrative approach to fertility and pregnancy. 


My husband and I had been struggling with infertility for 3 years and were told by the medical community that we had unexplained infertility. Dr. Land-Murphy’s resources gave us hope for the future we always wanted. Our new knowledge of egg and sperm quality, hormone balancing, acupuncture and ketogenic diets meant that we were able to conceive our son naturally within 7 months with a healthy pregnancy and delivery. We are ever grateful for giving us the greatest gift!


Dr. Jocelyn’s resources supported my journey through miscarriages, IVF, pregnancy and childbirth at the age of 43. I became better informed about the choices that were available to me. If it weren’t for this, I likely would not have my child now. 


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$349 CDN
Integrative Fertility Care for NDs: My Healthy Pregnancy Plan CE Program
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